More Confidence and More Success

Pantum’s channel meeting gained a huge success in Berhampore of India in August that partners had all found their wanted answers, obtained more information about our brand and new products and gained more confidence in Pantum as well.20210823_192120

The meeting was started in the early evening, in which almost 40 important partners attended. The meeting was presided by its partner and later Pantum’s National Head of India gave a brief introduction about the company and its products, including forthcoming models. All partners got satisfying results after the discussion, no matter they were cooperating with Pantum or not currently. They gained much confidence when confirming that the service will be of no issue and Pantum was always ready to solve customers’ problems. Besides, how Pantum would do marketing activities in India was also introduced, such as social media, marketing materials, shop branding and others. All partners were happy to know that the brand came to India to stay for a prosperous future.20210823_204344

The partner’s meet in Berhampore is such a huge success that it can set a milestone for Pantum in the coming days. It will surely increase the sale in Murshidabad district and its surrounding areas and it will also bring Pantum to another level in the future. Just as it says, Pantum is here for a bright future with all partners!20210823_205401

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